Located approximately 52 miles from Norwich and a convenient 100 miles from London, Tilney St Lawrence lies at the heart of a sizeable parish with the same name. The village is theorised to take its name from the Old English for Tibba’s homestead and has a history dating back at least a thousand years. Today, the parish of (an amalgamation of two separate former parishes) is the fourth largest in the region, covering an area of approximately 5,000 acres.

A beautifully preserved corner of the county that’s bursting with rural charms, Tilney St Lawrence perfectly illustrates the importance of keeping Britain beautiful. At Take My Scrap Car, we provide a proactive and customer-focused car scrapping and recycling service for Tilney St Lawrence and beyond.  Eliminating all costs and complications from the process, we’re all about common sense recycling and keeping problematic/polluting vehicles off the roads.

Particularly in rural regions like Tilney St Lawrence, car scrapping and recycling has never been easy. It’s traditionally been a case of paying for someone to transport your vehicle to a recycling centre, wherein an additional fee may be payable for its disposal. Even in Norfolk’s bigger towns and cities, car scrapping and recycling has never been a particularly pleasant process.

This is precisely why Take My Scrap Car went into business. We founded our company with the ambitious goal of simplifying the process of scrapping and recycling cars for all motorists looking to do the right thing.  If you suspect the time has come to scrap a vehicle of any kind, we guarantee an unbeatable service from start to finish.

We’ll collect your vehicle from any location in Tilney St Lawrence at a time to suit you – days, nights, weekends and bank holidays included. We’ll help with the paperwork, provide you formal confirmation of disposal and ensure your vehicle is responsibly recycled. Most importantly, you will not be charged a penny for any of the services we provide under any circumstances.

In fact, we promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap car we collect, irrespective of its age and condition. The payment will be transferred directly into your bank account the same day we collect your vehicle. No costs, no commissions payable – every penny of the price we quote is yours.

Contact a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car today for more information, or to arrange collection of your scrap vehicle in Tilney St Lawrence.