Scrap Cars Alethorpe

The deserted medieval village of Alethorpe encapsulates the importance of keeping our county beautiful. It may not be the biggest of residential hubs – the word ‘deserted’ being a clue – but this doesn’t mean Alethorpe is exempt from the occasional blot on its landscape. In fact, it often tends to be open and predominantly unpopulated places like Alethorpe where people decide to dump scrap vehicles.

If you happen across a scrap car in Alethorpe (or anywhere else for that matter), we’re the people to call. At Take My Scrap Car, we provide a dynamic car scrapping and recycling service that covers Norfolk in its entirety. Every town, every village and every deserted former township like Alethorpe – we collect vehicles from all locations and take them away to be responsibly recycled.  Whether the scrap car you’re looking to recycle is yours or you’ve found a vehicle dumped dangerously in your locality, call anytime and we’ll help you decide what to do next.

With Take My Scrap Car, every step of the process is quick, easy and as flexible as can be. Unlike most car scrapping companies operating in the area, we do not charge a penny for any of the services we provide. Irrespective of how complex, urgent or unusual your requirements may be, we’ll do our best to be there and get the job done as promptly as possible. 

Don’t forget – all vehicles that are processed by are processed using an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be issued, to be retained for your records. In addition, we promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap vehicle we collect, irrespective of its age and condition. All vehicle prices are calculated on the basis of scrap values on the day, so you know you are getting a good deal.

Whether looking to organise urgent collection of a scrap car in Alethorpe or simply looking to learn more about how we do business, we’d be delighted to hear from you anytime. Complete and submit the online form for an obligation-free call back from a member of the team, or call anytime for a chat. We’re out and about day and night visiting all corners of Norfolk, so we’re always available for convenient collections when you need us.scra


Scrap Cars Alethorpe