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Not to be confused with a somewhat more urban definition of the word, Diss is in fact a small market town in Norfolk situated right next to the border with Suffolk. The town’s name actually originates from the Anglo Saxon word ‘dic’ which roughly translates as embankment or ditch. Home to a museum and a string of historic buildings, one of the most important examples of all is the early 14th century church which has sat at the heart of the town for over 600 years.

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we fully understand that when it comes to getting rid of your clapped out old vehicles, there are plenty of service providers willing to get the job done. Nevertheless, we are also reasonably confident that the service package offered by Take My Scrap Car goes over and above anything else you will find – the reasons for this being as follows:

For one thing, we understand that actually transporting a scrap car anywhere can be extremely difficult, both in a logistical sense and a legal sense. After all, if it currently has three of its four wheels missing and hasn’t been taxed or insured since 1996, it isn’t exactly realistic to expect to drive it to our premises. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of scrap yards and dealers across the country who expect their customers to do whatever it takes to bring their cars to their doors personally. If not impossible, it can certainly be an expensive job.

Take My Scrap Car does things rather differently however – we come to you and take your car away, 100% free of charge. No matter where you happen to be or what kind of date or time you would prefer us to visit you, we will do everything we can to arrange a suitable appointment. And when we come to you, we will not only to help ensure that all the necessary paperwork for the DVLA is sorted, but we will also pay you the best possible price for your scrap car, in accordance with scrap market values at the time.

The way we see it, the key to ensuring that as many people as possible do the right thing when it comes to getting rid of their old cars is to make doing the right thing as easy and rewarding as possible. It’s really not as if scrapping a car is ever going to be a particularly exciting process, but there’s nothing to say it has to be painful, difficult or expensive.

Or at least, it certainly doesn’t have to be if you work with Take My Scrap Car!


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