Scrap Cars Allwood

Collection of your scrap car in Allwood, Norfolk is not only free but we will pay you for the service! It might sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly how things work here at Take My Scrap Car. We collect, transport and dispose of all types of vehicles safely – 100% free of charge at all times. If looking to get rid of a scrap car in Allwood in any age and of any condition, we can help. We’ll also provide you with an accurate quotation based on scrap values on the day, which will be transferred directly into your account if you’re happy to go ahead.

We are a professional and trusted team for processing and de-polluting vehicles of any type. All we need is a little information on your scrap vehicle and we can set the wheels in motion…no pun intended. With Take My Scrap Car, all vehicles collected are processed using exclusively Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) and a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be issued to be retained for your records.

To us, scrapping and recycling vehicles is about more than just helping responsible motorists get rid of their old cars. It’s also about making invaluable contribution to local and national recycling efforts. Each year, it is estimated that around one million vehicles are permanently taken off the roads in the UK.  Of which, around 10% never make it to a licensed and regulated recycling facility.  Where they end up is anyone’s guess, but the risk they pose to the environment and surrounding habitat is huge.

At Take My Scrap Car, our goal is to motivate responsible recycling by making the whole process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. This is why we not only take control of the full collection and disposal process from start to finish, but we also do so for free. In addition, customers are guaranteed a fair price for their scrap vehicle, calculated on the basis of scrap values on the day.

If you would like to learn more about how we operate or you’re ready to arrange collection of your Allwood scrap car, we’re standing by to take your call.  Reach out to a member of our support team anytime to make the necessary arrangements, or fill out the online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Certified Car scrapping

Certified Car scrapping