Scrap Cars Ashwellthorpe

The village of Ahshwellthorpe is a seriously scenic slice of Norfolk, situated some 20 km south-west of Norwich. A beautifully unspoiled part of the county and home to a long list of important buildings, Ahshwellthorpe is a wonderful place to visit and an even better postcode to call home. It’s also a village we pass through regularly while going about our business, which involves the collection and disposal of scrap cars in Ahshwellthorpe and the surrounding region.

When asked what makes Take My Scrap Car different, we always provide the same five answers:

  1. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and convenience of the services we provide.  Whatever time and date suit you best, we’ll make the necessary arrangements to ensure your vehicle is collected and disposed of accordingly.
  2. From beginning to end, Take My Scrap Car takes full responsibility for the logistics of collecting and disposing of scrap vehicles in Ahshwellthorpe.  Other than the initial call, there’s no need to lift a finger at any time.
  3. When your vehicle has been collected and taken away for recycling, you will receive a formal Certificate of Destruction.  We will also lend a hand organising the DVLA admin, if you need assistance with the paperwork.
  4. Under no circumstances will you be charged a penny for any of the services we provide at any time. Everything we do is 100% free of charge – no exceptions, no hidden fees and no strings attached.
  5. Calculated on the basis of scrap values on the day, we promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap vehicle we collect. Even if it is in a pretty terrible state of repair, we’ll still provide you with a fair quotation you can count on.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to create an alternative car scrapping and recycling service that’s nothing like the traditional approach. No costs incurred, no complications regarding the logistics and the promise of a friendly and professional experience from start to finish.

All with the added bonus of a fair price paid for your Ahshwellthorpe scrap car, which will be transferred directly into your bank account. 

Whether you’re ready to organise collection of a scrap car or would simply like to learn more about how we do business, we’d be happy to hear from you any time. Call Take My Scrap Car to discuss any aspect of Ahshwellthorpe car scrapping and recycling in more detail.


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