Scrap cars Attlebridge

Situated to the north-west of Norwich, Attlebridge is a popular village with an expanding population. We are interested in taking unwanted scrap from the area to keep the place looking clean and tidy but also to put money back int your hands.

We find alot of vehicles have been resigned to storage when they would be better of recycled and more efficient cars used instead, this helps stop old cars piling up.

Our friendly staff are waiting to pay cash for old cars so you can choose to pay to have it taken away or make use of our free scrap car collection service. A choice of disposal methods could save you valuable time and money when scrapping a car for cash.

If you have a scrap vehicle, car, van, bus, motorcycle we suggest giving us a call on 01508 499 348 we can give you a quick quote and pay on collection.


Attlebridge scrap service

Attlebridge scrap service