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Earlham is exactly the kind of place that really gets across how important it is to recycle responsibly. Tiny in size, extremely pretty and with a justifiably proud local population, it’s these kinds of traditional English villages that really drive home the importance of reuse and recycling efforts.

The way we see it, the recycling situation in the UK could have come a lot further than it currently has, had it only been approached in a rather different way. Mention the idea of recycling to most and it’s usually a case of being responded to with a sigh. Why? Well, quite simply because recycling has almost always tended to be an inconvenience and in some instance expensive too. Car scrapping in Earlham for example ticking both such boxes, at least in the traditional sense. You had to find a way of getting your old car to a scrap yard and have to pay for it to be taken. So there’s really very little wonder folk aren’t too excited about the idea of recycling in general – even if they know it’s important.

Which is why he do things rather differently here and hope to set an example for others. If you ask us, the key to getting as many people as possible to do the right thing lies in making the right thing as easy to do as possible. If recycling is difficult, nobody wants to do it. If car scrapping in Earlham is expensive, it gets avoided. By contrast, if you were to be offered a fair and simple deal for your Earlham scrap car, you’d be much more inclined to make use of it.

We turn everything that used to be the car scrapping standard on its head. No matter where you are, we’ll come to you – even if it’s way outside office hours. We can even come out and collect your car on the same say in most instances. This collection service is offered 100% free of charge and we’ll also make sure you’re paid a fair price for your scrap car. We’ll help get the paperwork sorted and we’ll help and advise you throughout the process in general.

It’s the kind of approach to recycling you find yourself wishing was the universal standard. It’s no secret that it’s crucial for the UK and the world in general, but does it really have to be so difficult?

Of course not…at least, not with Take My Scrap Car, anyway!



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