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Famed for its Anglo-Saxon water mill and home to the iconic Waveney Brewing Company, Earsham has quite a lot going for it for such a tiny place. Home to no more than about 900 people, it really is a picture postcard snapshot of times gone by. And of course, that’s all to its credit.

When asked by the good people of Earsham why they should come to us, we aren’t shy to blow our proverbial trumpets. We’re proud of what we do and rightly so, which is why we always offer the same reasons for giving us a call about your Earsham scrap car:

1 – Save Time

First of all, we don’t expect our customers to find time in their already hectic schedules to somehow bring their scrap cars to us. A process which has a tendency to be a nightmare to say the least and one that’s null and void with us. The reason being that not only will we come to you no matter where you are and what time works best for you, but we even offer same-day collections where circumstances permit. Which means that if you’d prefer to get things done sooner rather than later, you could save a great deal of time with Take My Scrap Car.

2 – Save Effort

In terms of effort…well, the simple truth of the matter is that there is no effort involved on your part whatsoever. All we need from you is a single phone-call to set the wheels in motion…no pun intended. We come to you, we take your car away and we’ll do our best to make sure we don’t leave a mess behind. We’ll even help ensure that you get all the admin stuff in order with the DVLA for total peace of mind. So apart from the phone-call itself (or dropping us an email) that’s literally all there is to it on your side of things.

3 – Save Money

Last but not least, come to us with your scrap car in Earsham and you could save yourself a fortune. Not only do we offer all of our services 100% free of charge, but we will even pay you the best possible price for your car in accordance with scrap values at the time. So rather than paying us, it’s actually us that will pay you. No matter what kind of vehicle, its current condition, age or location, we will still pay you the best price possible. After all, why shouldn’t you be rewarded for doing the right thing?

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We will give you money for scrap.