Scrap Cars Illington

Illington is a small village and a civil parish 24 miles southwest of Norwich and 92.3 miles northeast of London. Delightfully rural and perfectly unspoilt, Illington lies on the doorstep of the iconic Norfolk countryside. It’s also one of hundreds of Norfolk villages now covered by our unique car scrapping and recycling service.  If looking to get the best deal on your scrap car in Illington, look no further than Take My Scrap Car!

What makes our Illington car scrapping and recycling service unique? A fair question, and one we never shy away from.  When you hire Take My Scrap Car for the job, you gain access to four huge benefits you won’t find elsewhere:

  1. First of all, we always got the customer first from start to finish.  We collect vehicles at convenient times and dates from locations across the county, in accordance with our customers’ schedules. We’re all about flexibility and convenience – whatever suits our customers best.
  2. In addition, we provide a full-service car scrapping and recycling service for customers in Illington. This includes collection of end-of-life vehicles, transportation to an authorised treatment facility and responsible recycling. We even offer our customers a hand with the DVLA formalities to ensure all the admin boxes are ticked.
  3. Unlike some, we do not charge a penny for any of the services we provide. And under no circumstances will you face any costs or commissions at any point in the process. It’s all on us from start to finish – no exceptions and no excuses.
  4. As an added incentive, every customer receives a fair and honest price for their Illington scrap car. Our prices are based on daily scrap values, so we can guarantee an unbeatable quote for every vehicle we collect.

If you’re the wondering at this point what the catch is, the isn’t one.  Take My Scrap Car was established to simplify all aspects of the car scrapping and recycling process in Norfolk. 

We’re firm believers in the importance of fair rewards for doing the right thing. High costs and complicated disposal processes aren’t effective motivators for most people. By contrast, a smooth, straightforward and speedy disposal service with a fair price paid is another matter entirely.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply curious as to how much your car could be worth, we’re standing by to hear from you. Call or email the team at Take My Scrap Car anytime to learn more.