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Along with its undeniably wonderful handle, Plumstead is also famed for its collection of medieval and continental glass, brought to the village in the 1950s and now housed at the parish church of Saint Michael. Home to a relatively compact population and positioned around 20 miles from Norwich, Plumstead is a perfectly pretty corner of the county with more than its fair share of traditional charms. Understandably popular among families and city commuters alike, the landscape in and around Plumstead has remained largely unchanged for countless generations. 

Take My Scrap Car is proud to offer the region’s most dynamic and accessible car scrapping and recycling service for responsible motorists. While we can’t claim to make Plumstead car scrapping and recycling particularly exciting, we can at least make it painless – perhaps even rewarding! When the time comes to get rid of a Plumstead scrap car, local residents aren’t exactly short on options.  Nevertheless, when it comes to simplicity, accessibility and affordability, you simply will not find a better deal anywhere in Norfolk.

All it takes is a single call to the Take My Scrap Car team to set the wheels in motion…quite literally! Simply let us know where you’re located and what type of vehicle you’d like us to remove. We’ll travel to your location at any time and date that suits you, collect your Plumstead scrap car and take it away for responsible recycling. As our drivers are out and about 24/7, we can even arrange same day collections in many instances. We’ll ensure your Plumstead car is recycled in full accordance with all applicable UK and EU regulations, plus we’ll help you complete the mandatory DVLA paperwork.

Best of all, Take My Scrap Car promises to pay the best possible price for all Plumstead scrap cars – irrespective of their age and condition. We don’t charge a penny for any of the services we offer and calculate all prices paid in accordance with scrap values on the day. Search the market all you like, but we guarantee you will not find a better deal on your scrap car in Plumstead!

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the Take My Scrap Car team with any questions you may have, or to arrange collection of a scrap car in Plumstead right now. 


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We scrap cars in Plumstead village.