At Take My Scrap Car, we’re often approached by concerned customers with uninsured end-of-life vehicles. Whether your insurance recently expired or you’re looking to scrap a car that hasn’t been insured for years, you’re still looking at the same conundrum:

How do you get a car without insurance to a scrapyard?

If you plan to drive your car on public roads, it needs to be insured.  There are no exceptions and no excuses whatsoever – insurance is a legal requirement.  This includes scrap cars, accident-damaged cars and all types of cars in general.

Unless it is insured at the time, it is illegal to drive it on public roads…period.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot scrap a car without insurance.  It simply means you need to take a more strategic approach, rather than driving it to the scrap yard yourself.

Why Do I Need a Car Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, the primary purpose of car insurance is not to pay to fix (or replace) your car in the event of an accident.  Frankly, it’s the least of anyone’s concerns – that’s technically your problem to deal with!

Instead, insurance is mandatory because it offers financial protection for those around you. If you have an accident and it’s not your fault, the other person’s insurer covers the costs. If you cause an accident, your insurance pays them. 

This is the only way of ensuring all road users all protected from all other road users.  Medical bills, legal costs, vehicle repairs, compensation and so on – all covered by your insurer (or theirs). If you drive without insurance, you could be involved in an accident you’ve no way of covering the resulting costs.

As this is something that could easily happen on the way to the scrapyard, driving an end-of-life vehicle to its final resting place without insurance is illegal.

How Do I Scrap a Car with No Insurance?

Thankfully, it’s not something you will ever need to consider doing. At Take My Scrap Car, we use our own recovery vehicles and professional collection agents to remove scrap cars. As your car will never actually set foot (or tyre) on a public road, it doesn’t matter if it is insured or not.

Our services are open to residential and commercial customers across Norfolk, with convenient collection times available. Call or e-mail anytime to learn more, or to arrange a collection of your scrap car.

Will I Get Any Money Back from My Insurer?

Cancelling your insurance the moment you take your car permanently off the road is advisable.  In doing so, you should be able to claim at least some of the outstanding monies back.

How much depends on your insurer and the terms and conditions of your policy.  Nevertheless, most are willing to provide a partial refund, or transfer the creditor over to a new policy for a different vehicle.

If in doubt, call your insurer before taking your car off the road, in order to see where you stand in terms of refunds.