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Can I Save Money By Servicing My Car Myself?

Leaping straight to the conclusion, the answer is yes – servicing your car yourself is perfectly possible. If you have the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment needed to get the job done at home, go right ahead.

Unfortunately, this simply does not apply to around 99.9% of motorists. 

Truth is, the DIY approach to servicing is not […]

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Driving Without Due Care and Attention: What it Means (and Why it Matters)

Most traffic laws are fairly well defined, with little room for manoeuvre (no pun intended).  Break the speed limit and you’re in bother, run a red light and it’s points on your licence, drive under the influence of alcohol and you could end up in jail – all fairly straightforward, and easy to understand.

Meanwhile, there’s […]

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Can I Scrap my Car with Outstanding Finance Payments?

The subject of vehicles on finance is one that comes up quite often on the car scrapping scene. Contrary to popular belief, most people in the UK buy cars and other vehicles on finance. Handing over four or five figures in cash for a car isn’t something most people are willing or capable of doing.

But […]

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How Do You Calculate the Value of Scrap Cars?

All motorists want to get the best possible price for their end-of-life of vehicles. You’re doing the right thing with an asset of value, so it simply makes sense to ensure a fair price is paid.

But what exactly constitutes a fair price, and how are scrap car values calculated?

For the most part, the value of […]

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How Long Does It Take to Remove a Scrap Car?

At Take My Scrap Car, we understand the importance of timeliness where end-of-life vehicles are concerned.  But assuming you would prefer to get the job done sooner rather than later, exactly how long does it take to organise collection of a scrap car?

As with most things, the answer depends on a number of factors.

Of course, […]

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These Are the Most Common Reasons for a Failed Driving Test

Taking a driving test with a head full of thoughts on how things might go wrong seems counterproductive.  At the same time, knowing the most common reasons for failed driving tests could technically steer you in the right direction…no pun intended.

Truth is, focusing on everything you’re already fantastic at is not going to work in […]

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Scientist Nails the Exact Formula for Predicting Kids’ In-Car Tantrums

If you have taken a long distance car journey with kids this summer, you’ll know that tears and tantrums are all part and parcel of the experience.  Or at least, that’s the conclusion most parents will have reached a long before now.

But according to one statistician at Nottingham Trent University, in-car tantrums can be not […]

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Is it Illegal to Abandon a Broken Down Car by the Road?

It’s not until you experience your first catastrophic breakdown that you realise just how daunting the whole thing can be. All of a sudden, you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no idea how you will get to your destination or get your car shifted. 

Not only do your immediate plans go completely out of […]

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Which is Better – A Standard Driving Course or Intensive Driver Training?

On average, it takes learner drivers approximately 40 to 45 hours behind the wheel to get their hands on their licence. But this average figure is somewhat misleading, as each and every driver tuition experience is completely different.

Just as some are nowhere near ready for their tests after 100 hours of driving, others are as […]

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It’s Official – Summer is Breakdown Season in the UK

Consider typical driving conditions throughout the year and you immediately come to one logical conclusion:

You’re more likely to break down in the winter than any other time. 

Freezing cold temperatures, snow and ice on the road, howling gales – all recipe for treacherous driving conditions. But you’d also be wrong, as winter is by no means […]

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