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Can I Scrap a Car That is No Longer Mobile?

By nature, the average end-of-life vehicle isn’t usually in fantastic condition. Most motorists don’t make the decision to scrap a car until it is literally falling to pieces.

At which point, it’s no longer safe to drive on public roads. In fact, it’s a miracle if it even starts up in the first place.

But what happens […]

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Will 2021 be the Year of the Electric Scooter?

The situation with electric scooters in the UK remains as bizarre today as it has ever been. Even if you haven’t yet had the ‘pleasure’ of propelling yourself down the pavement at breakneck speed on such a device, you’ll have no doubt seen hundreds of them doing their thing.

As far as advocates are concerned, electric […]

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Recycling an Electric Vehicle: How Does it Work?

For the most part, recycling an electric vehicle is no different than recycling a conventional vehicle. At least, in the sense that the vast majority of materials and components can be recycled, while the rest should be disposed of responsibly.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of differences that make the recycling process itself slightly different. Not […]

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The World’s Most Lucrative Scrap Supercar Graveyard Found in Dubai

If you consider yourself the quintessential petrol-head with a passion for pretty rides, there’s a YouTube video doing the rounds we guarantee will bring a tear to your eye.

Famed publisher “Supercar Blondie” recentlyshared a clip shot in Central Dubai, where one of the world’s most unique scrapyards can be found. No rusted and crash-damaged Ford Fiestas […]

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Should I Scrap My Car or Fix it?

All motorists will eventually find themselves in a position where they need to organise car repairs. At which point, it becomes painfully apparent just how expensive it can be to keep a car up and running.

Depending on the age and condition of the car, this may also be the point at which you begin to […]

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Are Second-Hand Tyres an Accident Waiting to Happen?

It really is anything but surprising that second-hand tyres are so popular in the UK. If you’ve ever experienced the displeasure of shopping for new tyres, you’ll know exactly how expensive they can be.

The larger and more prestigious the vehicle, the more expensive it is to replace worn or damaged tyres. 

Handing over hundreds of pounds […]

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Is it Legal to Drive a SORN Car to a Scrapyard?

One of the most common questions asked by end-of-life vehicle owners is also one of the most logical and important:

If your vehicle isn’t in great shape and you’ve declared it off-road, can you legally drive it to a scrapyard?

Filing a SORN – aka a Statutory Off Road Notification – is a legal requirement when taking […]

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The Right Way to Recycle Car Batteries

There comes a time in the life of every car battery when it needs to be retired from use. Modern car batteries have a potentially huge lifespan and are reliable in the extreme, though cannot and will not last forever.

When the time comes to dispose of an old car battery, most motorists aren’t sure where […]

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Five Common Car Scrapping Concerns

At Take My Scrap Car, we understand and appreciate the concerns of drivers looking to do the right thing with their end-of-life vehicles. We’re also aware of the fact that there’s no shortage of dodgy dealers out there, offering cash-in-hand deals to scrap vehicles that are not completely legal.

To set at least a few minds […]

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Does Your Car Know Too Much About You?

Contrary to popular belief, the average car isn’t secretly storing all manner of weird and wonderful information about you, your family and your driving habits. Conspiracy theories abound, but you’re not actually being spied on by forces you’d probably prefer to keep a distance from.

However, to assume that your car isn’t storing any information about […]

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