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What Is a Certificate of Destruction (and Why Do I Need One?)

If there’s one thing you need to know about car scrapping and recycling, it’s this:

You need to be provided with a Certificate of Destruction and hold onto it for your records.

At Take My Scrap Car, part of the service we provide is assisting our customers with the DVLA admin. When your car is formally declared […]

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Four Reasons Responsible Car Recycling Matters

The number of cars being scrapped and recycled each year in the UK has been on an upward trajectory for some time. Ask almost any responsible motorist and they’ll instinctively tell you that efficient vehicle scrapping and recycling is essential.

But have you ever stopped to consider why it is that responsible car recycling matters? Specifically, […]

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It’s Official: UK Roads Are Getting Safer

More often than not, stories concerning road safety in the UK are tales of doom and gloom. There’s hardly anything positive to say, whether it’s to do with pollution, road safety, congestion, fuel prices and so on.

Which is precisely why we thought we’d buck the trend, by taking a look at something that reads like […]

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Scrap Car Prices Up Again in September

It’s looking like good news once again for anyone planning on scrapping their car in the near future. The shockwaves of the whole COVID saga are still being felt across the United Kingdom, with any number of regions once again going into lockdown. Nevertheless, the gradual restart of the car scrapping and recycling industry is […]

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What Happens to Your Insurance When You Scrap a Car?

Scrapping an end of life vehicle can be surprisingly easy, if you work with the right people. At Take My Scrap Car, we go the extra mile to simplify all aspects of the process from start to finish.

However, we fully understand why many motorists have questions and concerns regarding some of the formalities. One of […]

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Thinking of Scrapping Your Car in the Run Up to Christmas?

To be frank, no time of year is a particularly bad time to scrap your car. If you’re driving a vehicle that’s uncomfortable, unsafe or generally unpleasant, the quicker you upgrade, the better.

Nevertheless, we can think of at least a few good reasons why scrapping your car in the run up to Christmas can be […]

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Car Scrapping and Buying Scams To Watch Out For

You’d be forgiven for thinking that scrapping a vehicle would be a comprehensively safe and simple process. Working with Take My Scrap Car, that’s exactly what it is – and financially rewarding to boot.

Nevertheless, you’d probably be surprised of the prevalence of car scrapping and buying scams across the United Kingdom. Some of which can […]

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Found a Car Abandoned in Your Area? Here’s What to Do

At Take My Scrap Car, we’re often asked about the appropriate protocol upon finding a suspected abandoned car. Truth is, the vast majority of people instinctively see issues like these as someone else’s problem. You see an abandoned car, you assume someone else will deal with it and you keep walking (or driving). 

Fair enough, but […]

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The Return of the School Run: Coping with Chaos

For some, the whole back-to-school saga is a time of pure joy and excitement.  For others…well, it’s more or less the complete opposite. Many of those forced to contend with the daily school run falling squarely into the latter bracket. 

The novelty of the school run when the new term begins quickly wears off. At which […]

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Your Essential Car Cleaning Checklist for a Safe and Hygeinic Ride

For obvious reasons, now really isn’t the time to be taking chances where health and safety are concerned. Even with the worst of the COVID-19 crisis behind us, it’s likely to be some time before Brits in general begin taking the subject of hygiene for granted.

In fact, most experts believe the whole saga will permanently […]

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