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Tax and Insurance: Can I Get a Refund When I Scrap My Car?

One of the biggest incentives for most people when scrapping a car is the financial aspect. Scrap cars aren’t worth a fortune, but getting a fair price for doing the right thing is only right.

But what about getting at least some money back for your unused tax and insurance? If you’ve paid tax and insured […]

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Scrap Now for a Safe Autumn/Winter Season

Admittedly, now’s not the time most people would like to be thinking about the doom and gloom to come. Nevertheless, give things a few more weeks and the bleakness of the autumn/winter season will be well and truly here. 

After which, it’s the usual tale of month after month of highly undesirable driving conditions.

With everything that’s […]

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How Can I Find Out If My Car is Taxed?

Doing away with the traditional tax disc was a move welcomed by most drivers. It wasn’t the most particularly intrusive feature on the average car, but was still one more thing to worry about displaying prominently.

These days, car tax – more formally known as excise duty (VED) – is an all-digital affair. You no longer […]

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Can Somebody Else Scrap My Car Without my Permission?

It may seem like a slightly bizarre question, but it is nonetheless a concern shared by many motorists. Given the fact that all types of vehicles can be scrapped and recycled for monetary gain, there’s a surprisingly huge market for illegal scrapping. A market that doesn’t just involve end-of-life vehicles, but all types of scrap […]

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Is Car Clocking Really a Big Deal?

There was a period in the 1990s where car clocking was rife. It came out of nowhere to hit the headlines across the UK, as ‘Odometer Fraud’ was found to be surprisingly commonplace.

As you probably know, car clocking is the practice of turning back the odometer on a car, to give the impression it has […]

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I’ve Lost the Keys to My End-of-Life Vehicle – Now What?

It’s not uncommon for a car that’s reached the end of its service life to linger indefinitely on the drive. Or perhaps, gather dust in a garage somewhere, rather than being put back to good use via a local recycling centre.

Eventually, it begins to cramp your style, and you decide to take action. At which […]

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What Types of Vehicles Are Exempt from Taxation?

In an ideal world, nobody would have to fork out good money to tax their vehicle. In the UK, we pay some of the highest prices in the entire world for petrol and diesel. The extent to which fuel is taxed is downright ludicrous, making additional car tax payments little more than an extra slap […]

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Young People Face Tougher Driving Restrictions

As anyone who started driving at an early age will know, being a young motorist isn’t easy. At least, in the sense that you’re more or less guaranteed to be fleeced by your insurance provider – often paying more per year than your car is actually worth.

Jokes aside, there’s a reason why young people are […]

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How To Scrap Your Car in 6 Easy Steps

The way we see it, one major headache no motorist should have to deal with is a complex and costly car scrapping saga. Accepting your car has reached the end of its usable life is painful enough, without then having to go through the process of paying a small fortune for someone to take it […]

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When You Scrap More Than You Bargained For

At Take My Scrap Car, one of the important aspects of our car recycling and scrapping process is first going through the vehicles we collect with a fine-tooth comb. In doing so, we regularly come across all manner of weird and wonderful bits and pieces left behind by our customers.

After conducting a little research online […]

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