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Is It Worth Paying For An Advanced Driving Course?

Ask any road safety experts and they will tell you the same:

Learning to drive is a lifelong experience – not a one-time-only task.

The problem is that while confidence and certain capabilities do indeed improve with time, bad habits also creep into the equation. Nobody (literally) drives on the roads the same way they did during […]

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Mobile Phones and Driving: What is and isn’t Allowed?

Mobile Phones and Driving: What is and isn’t Allowed?

The subject of mobile phone use while driving is one of surprisingly heavy debate. Ask a dozen different people what’s actually permitted on UK roads and you’ll probably be presented with 12 entirely different answers.

Despite acknowledging and understanding the dangers of doing so, around one in 10 […]

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How Far Can I Safely Drive with a Flat Tyre?

There’s nothing quite like the unmistakable flapping sound of a flat tyre to put a real crimp on your day. As most drivers will know, punctures and blowouts have a tendency to happen only at the most inconvenient times. 

Not that there’s a ‘good’ time for a flat tyre, but still – it’s the kind of […]

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My Car Has No Engine: Can I Still Scrap it?

For a surprisingly long list of reasons, an end-of-life vehicle may eventually find itself devoid of an engine. It may have been transplanted to a different vehicle, removed to enable access to other parts, or taken to pieces and sold off bit by bit. 

At this point, the likelihood of the core in question ever seeing […]

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What is an MOT Exemption and What Cars Qualify?

With the vast majority of vehicles, the rules on annual MOT testing are fairly straightforward. You either have your car tested as UK law demands, or you face the prospect of a seriously heavy penalty.

However, there are some instances where a vehicle does not have to undergo annual testing in the normal way. If your […]

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Drink Driving: The Facts You Need (Part One)

You don’t need to be a genius to know that driving while intoxicated is a bad idea. In fact, a modicum of intelligence is all it takes to know that getting behind the wheel after drinking is one of the most irresponsible things anyone can do.

But what’s interesting is how comparatively few people know if […]

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Can I Save Money By Servicing My Car Myself?

Leaping straight to the conclusion, the answer is yes – servicing your car yourself is perfectly possible. If you have the knowledge, skills and specialist equipment needed to get the job done at home, go right ahead.

Unfortunately, this simply does not apply to around 99.9% of motorists. 

Truth is, the DIY approach to servicing is not […]

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Driving Without Due Care and Attention: What it Means (and Why it Matters)

Most traffic laws are fairly well defined, with little room for manoeuvre (no pun intended).  Break the speed limit and you’re in bother, run a red light and it’s points on your licence, drive under the influence of alcohol and you could end up in jail – all fairly straightforward, and easy to understand.

Meanwhile, there’s […]

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Can I Scrap my Car with Outstanding Finance Payments?

The subject of vehicles on finance is one that comes up quite often on the car scrapping scene. Contrary to popular belief, most people in the UK buy cars and other vehicles on finance. Handing over four or five figures in cash for a car isn’t something most people are willing or capable of doing.

But […]

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How Do You Calculate the Value of Scrap Cars?

All motorists want to get the best possible price for their end-of-life of vehicles. You’re doing the right thing with an asset of value, so it simply makes sense to ensure a fair price is paid.

But what exactly constitutes a fair price, and how are scrap car values calculated?

For the most part, the value of […]

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