Most motorists would argue that driving is (in the proverbial sense) just like riding a bike. As in, once you learn how to do it, you never forget.

But here’s the thing – prolonged periods away from the wheel can apparently instil quite a few unfortunate habits. Something confirmed in a recent study carried out by Hyundai, which involved polling 2000 UK motorists on their driving habits during and after this year’s lockdown saga. 

It was determined that whereas the average motorist covers around 650 miles a month, most British drivers travel only 90 miles between May and June.  All of which apparently had an impact on our ability to drive as a nation, with 18% of those polled saying they found it tricky to once again drive as normal when they were permitted to do so.

The Most Common Driving Mistakes

Taking a look at things in a little more detail, Hyundai also disclosed the top 10 most common driving mistakes being made by those who’ve (apparently) forgotten how to drive. When asked what in particular they were struggling with after such a long period out of action, those polled highlighted the following driver errors:

  1. Stalled
  2. Struggled to parallel park
  3. Forgot to indicate
  4. Scraped wheels on kerb
  5. Needing a quick think as to what each pedal does
  6. Failed to check mirrors when pulling away
  7. Forgot where filler cap was
  8. Forgot to turn the ignition key
  9. Didn’t shut the door properly
  10. Not putting seatbelt on

Remarkably, more than 20% of all the drivers polled said they’d recently forgotten to use their indicators, with a similar number having gone so far as to scrape their wheels on a kerb since getting back on the roads. A huge 28% also said they had stalled their car at least once.

Slightly more amusing than these potentially dangerous driver errors, 12% of those polled said they’d also have forgotten which side of their car the filler cap was located on. All suggesting that driving a car might not be quite like riding a bike – good driving habits and even the basics of our own vehicles being surprisingly simple to lose sight of!

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