Ask any road safety experts and they will tell you the same:

Learning to drive is a lifelong experience – not a one-time-only task.

The problem is that while confidence and certain capabilities do indeed improve with time, bad habits also creep into the equation. Nobody (literally) drives on the roads the same way they did during their driving test. If they did, annual accident rates would plummet by about 99%. 

This is why experts recommend revisiting and refreshing core driving skills periodically over the years and decades. In particular, advanced driving skills courses come highly recommended to anyone who spends plenty of time out and about on the roads.

But what exactly is an advanced driving skills course, and is it worth paying for?

What Are Advanced Driving Skills?

The name itself is quite misleading, as an ‘advanced’ driving course actually focuses on the basic skills all motorists should master. An advanced driving course isn’t a ‘pass or fail’ program, but is instead in the form of tailored tuition on some of the most important everyday driving skills.

Examples of these include hazard and perception and reaction, observation skills, courteousness, decisiveness, dealing with distractions, safe control of motor vehicles, appropriate road positioning, and safe speed control.

Again, all the kinds of things every motorist really should master, before they can consider themselves a safe driver.

How Much Does An Advanced Driving Course Cost?

It depends entirely on the driving school you sign up for, but prices can vary from £80 to more than £200. There are various different types of advanced driving courses available, which in all instances are tailored to the requirements of the driver in question.

If there are some aspects of your driving capabilities that need more work than others, these will form the core of your tuition.

Is It Worth Paying To Take An Advanced Driving Course?

The short answer is yes, for the simple reason that it is a small price to pay for what you get out of the deal.

Firstly, the primary purpose of an advanced driving test is to make you a safer and more responsible motorist. You cannot put a price on your own safety (or that of other road users), making the costs of an advanced driving course negligible, to say the least.

Secondly, the vast majority of leading insurance companies look kindly at additional qualifications and accolades like these. While policies vary from one insurer to the next, you are almost guaranteed to save a decent sum of money on your premium after taking an advanced driving course. Give it a couple of years and there’s a good chance your course will have paid for itself in the savings you stack up.

If in doubt, give your local driving school a call and ask for a full lowdown on their approach to advanced driver tuition.

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