For a surprisingly long list of reasons, an end-of-life vehicle may eventually find itself devoid of an engine. It may have been transplanted to a different vehicle, removed to enable access to other parts, or taken to pieces and sold off bit by bit. 

At this point, the likelihood of the core in question ever seeing free movement again is pretty much zero.  Which begs the question – where do you stand on car scrapping and recycling, where a vehicle no longer has an engine?

No Engine, No Problem

Skipping right to the conclusion, the answer is yes – you can indeed scrap and recycle a car with no engine. 

At Take My Scrap Car, we ensure that each and every vehicle we collect is recycled in accordance with all applicable legislation. Unlike some, we’re not in the habit of patching up old cars, and selling them on for profit. Hence, it really doesn’t matter what kind of condition your car is in, or whether it’s missing a whole bunch of its most important components.

As part of our all-inclusive service package, we collect vehicles from homes, businesses, and all other addresses across the Norfolk area. Our drivers are out and about collecting scrap vehicles at all times, enabling us to work to our customers’ preferred schedules.

Your car will be collected and transported from your address to an authorised treatment facility (ATF), meaning that it doesn’t matter whether or not your car runs (or even has an engine). This makes no difference at all to its viability where scrapping and recycling are concerned, say you need not be concerned about its condition.

Does the Absence of an Engine Perfect Scrap Values?

It might, given how the average vehicle engine is loaded with high-value, heavyweight recyclable materials. This is why it is important to give us as much information about your car as you can, when arranging your initial quotation.

We base our quotations on the information provided by our customers, and all final offers are set in stone.  However much we quote you for your vehicle is the exact price you’ll receive – 100% of its direct into your account, with no deductions or costs incurred.

We simply ask that if there is anything significant need to know (like the lack of an engine), you let us know ahead of time. It won’t affect the eligibility of your car for scrapping and recycling, but could have an impact on the price quoted.

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Our responsible car scrapping and recycling services cover all types of commercial and private vehicles in the Norfolk area. Whether ready to go ahead or simply curious about how much your scrap car could be worth, will be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free quotation.

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