Scrap Cars Aldeby

If you’ve reached the conclusion that your rusty old car is doing nothing for the lovely scenery of Aldeby, it’s time to give us a call. We’ve been getting rid of scrap cars in Aldeby in the most responsible and rewarding way possible for years – we like to think we’ve been doing our bit to keep Aldeby beautiful, so why not do the same?

We’ve been in the car scrapping business for longer than most and have industry experience that dates back to the days of the famed Waveney Apple Factory. There’s a reason Norfolk has turned to us as the primary scrap cars for cash service covering the region – we know it better than anyone else!

Put simply, we offer car scrapping service for Aldeby that’s leagues ahead of any other you might have dealt with to date. What makes us different? Well, pretty much everything, but generally speaking it all comes down to convenience and fairness. In years gone by, it wasn’t uncommon to see old cars rusting away on the drives and gardens of Aldeby homes – nobody wanted to buy them and scrapping wasn’t an appealing idea. After all, why make the effort to get the thing to the dealer only to have to then pay them to accept it?

We don’t think this is a fair way of doing business, which is why it’s not how we operate. Instead, we offer cash for scrap cars across Aldeby and promise to offer you the best price for any car or vehicle you have…it really doesn’t matter how worthless you think it is! What’s more, we’ll travel to you no matter where in Aldeby your car is located and we’ll take care of getting it taken away on your behalf.

All cars we take from Aldeby are put through a painstaking process of stripping and sorting, in order to be then sent on for responsible recycling. You’re doing your bit for the environment, so it’s only fair that we do our bit for you – by paying you and doing all the hard work for you! Our drivers are out and about every day of the week and even work weekends, so no matter when best suits you, we’ll be somewhere around Aldeby and ready to help!

It takes nothing more than a quick phone call or a message via our website to set the ball rolling and rid yourself of your eyesore – get in touch today for a chat. Call us on 01508 499 348.


Scrap Car Aldeby

Scrap Car Aldeby