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There may be fewer than 200 houses in the whole of Alpington, but town pride is as fierce as it gets. From the pretty village hall to the iconic Wheel of Fortune pub that’s the pride of the locals, there’s much to be said for this tiny little village that measures in at no more than about two square kilometres.

We’ve been providing our scrap cars for cash service to the people of Alpington for over a decade now and like to think we’ve built a bond with our customers. We got into business after deciding that the time had come to add a new 21st century twist to car scrapping in Alpington that worked in the favour of the car’s owner as well as the scrapping service itself. Just like you, we became tired of seeing car owners being taken for a ride…not literally…by scrap yards, who insisted on charging for scrap cars to be taken and often added hefty fees for transportation.

So really from the car owner’s perspective, what was the motivation for scrapping?

Correct…there wasn’t any.

And that’s where our new twist on the idea comes into the equation – we think that the people of Alpington should be rewarded for doing the right thing with their scrap cars. And not just Alpington drivers either, but those located anywhere across Norfolk. How we set ourselves apart from the pack is by making sure that each and every one of our customers gets the best possible price for their vehicle, regardless of what kind of condition it’s in. And if that wasn’t enough, we also come to you no matter where in Alpington you are and take the car away on your behalf.

So that’s free transportation and the best possible price for your scrap car – we told you we were different!

What’s more, we also don’t want to see you ending up with a nasty red-ink letter from the DVLA insisting that you pay a massive fine for not correctly crossing all the Ts. As such, we’ll give you a helping hand with all the essential car scrapping paperwork to make sure that once we’re done with you, that’s the last you’ll ever hear on the subject!

You’ll walk away with cash in your pocket and the satisfaction of knowing that your car has been put back into the system with the best car recycling services in Alpington.

Give us a call today on 01508 499 348 to find out more.


Scrap Car Alpington

Scrap Car Alpington