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Five miles north of Bury St. Edmunds lies Ampton, a pretty little village with even less population. Back in 1086, the Domesday Book states that Ampton was home to just under 1,100 residents – today it’s probably closer to the 100 mark. Seriously – can you really imagine stuffing another thousand people into the parish today? No, us neither!

We’ve not been around for quite as long as the town itself, but for well over a decade now we’ve covered Ampton with our unique scrap cars for cash service. We understand that people seem to get through cars these days like changes of underwear, which means that the question of what to do with the old rust bucket is one that’s both pressing and prevalent. Selling can be a nightmare and there’s no way you’re going to pay an Ampton scrap dealer to take it away for you, so it ends up getting confined to the drive, the back yard or anywhere else you can hide it.

We offer a much more agreeable alternative however – car scrapping for cash in Ampton.

The long and short of it is that we represent a crucial part of the recycling chain in the United Kingdom, taking scrap cars in any condition and prepping them for full recycling. We never leave a car on a scrap heap and we never pass it on to irresponsible third-parties, but instead make sure that every last scrap of it that can be recycled is put back into circulation.

For the people of Ampton, we guarantee the best possible price for your car no matter what kind of condition it is in. We don’t even care if it’s 100% unfit to be driven on the roads as we will come to you no matter where you are in Ampton and take the car away for you. And just in case you were wondering, we don’t charge a penny for the removal service and it won’t impact the price we pay for the car. Our drivers are out and about pretty much 24/7 in and around the Ampton area, which means we can come to you at any time to suit and finally get rid of the rust-heap that’s become a real pain in the rear-end.

Scrapping cars for cash with us couldn’t be easier – just give us a call today on 01508 499 348 and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Ampton Scrap Car Service

Ampton Scrap Car Service