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Some would argue that the beauty of Anmer is its size and relatively tiny population. Just 63 people called the 5.8-sqaure kilometre village home as of the 2001 census, giving the area a wonderful Old-England charm where the pace of life really does seem to slow down. Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a country home here in the form of Anmer Hall, though chances are they won’t be calling us anytime soon to scrap their various Jags and Mercs!

For everyone else however, we’ve been covering Anmer and the whole of the Norfolk region for well over a decade now with a unique scrap car for cash service. We went into business after deciding that the time had come to give the car owners of Ampton a better deal and also to make sure their scrap cars didn’t go to waste. Some car scrapping services will charge you to leave your car with them, only to go on and make even more money from stripping and selling-on the car’s parts.

Chances are you don’t think this is too fair…neither do we.

We work with the UK’s leading recycling services to ensure that each and every piece of your car that can be recycled is put back into use in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Our job is to take your scrap cars away from you, process them so that they’re ready for recycling and then pass them on to the recyclers. By using us, you’re doing the UK a favour by making sure nothing goes to waste – we think you should be rewarded for your kindness!

We promise to pay the best possible price for any and every car we take, no matter how old it is and what kind of condition it might be in. Even if it isn’t running and has been gathering rust and dust for the last five years, we’ll still give you a fair quote for it. And what’s more, we’ll even come out to you no matter where the car is located in Ampton and take it off your hands without leaving a mess behind. We work around the clock and are operating every day of the week, so no matter how busy you might be we’ll work to accommodate you.

Still need a little more convincing? Give us a call today on 01508 499 348!


Scrap Car Anmer

Scrap Car Anmer