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Ashby St Mary is blessed with all manner of beautiful sites and assets. From the historic church to the oft-photographed village sign, there’s a lot to like about Ashby St Mary…including our unique car scrapping services!

Our history doesn’t quite date back as many centuries as Ashby St Mary, but we’ve certainly been operating in Norwich longer than most. We joined the car scrapping business after deciding that the time had come to inject a little more fairness into the way things worked. The people of Ashby St Mary were routinely and in some cases willingly being ripped off by car scrapping firms, which for the most part had a nasty habit of charging for their services. From removing the car to accepting it at the gate of the scrap yard, everything was expensive.

Our way of thinking was rather different – aren’t people supposed to be paid money for scrapping and recycling their goods and possessions?

We think that’s really the only way to motivate fair and responsible recycling, which is why for over a decade now we’ve been offering the UK’s best scrap cars for cash service for the people of Ashby St Mary. We cover the whole of Norfolk and have built a reputation for offering the best possible service to each of our customers and always paying the best price for every car we take. We’re dedicated to making things as simple as possible for our customers, which means that once you’ve made the call to us there’s really nothing left for you to worry about.

Our drivers operate across Ashby St Mary pretty much 24 hours a day and almost every day of the year. As such, we’ll come to you no matter where you are and no matter what time suits you best. We’ve got all the equipment needed to get your car up from its resting place and taken away for recycling – we’ll even help you with the essential DVLA paperwork. And if all this wasn’t enough, we’ll then pay you the best possible cash price for your scrap car – no other dealer covering the Ashby St Mary will beat us, that’s out guarantee to you.

We take all vehicles regardless of the condition and will ensure you get the best deal possible.

Give us a call today on 01508 499 348 and put us to the test – we promise you’re making the right choice!

Scrap Car Ashby St Mary

Scrap Car Ashby St Mary