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Not many people know this, but Aylmerton is one of the towns that’s officially classified as having half a church. That’s according to the Domesday Book of 1085 anyway, as it seems that building a church right over the borderline into a neighbouring village meant that the folks of Aylmerton couldn’t claim ownership to the whole thing!

We’ve not been working since quite such early days, but we’ve certainly been serving the people of Aylmerton for long enough to know what matters. That’s why we offer a unique car scrapping for cash service all across the region, which delivers on its promises and goes way above and beyond the norm.

What we’ve learned over the years is that honesty and integrity go a long way. That’s why we promise to pay each and every one of our Aylmerton customers the best possible price for their scrap car and will never, ever be beaten on price. The way we see it, you’re doing something pretty great by putting your car back into the system for recycling, so it’s only fair that you should be rewarded for doing so. And let’s be honest, it’s not as if old and rusting cars really do anything for the scenery of Aylmerton, so why not let us take yours off your hands and give you a few quid to say thanks?

We’re known as a car scrapping service in Aylmerton, but realistically we’re more of a recycling service. There are plenty of scrap dealers that will take your car and do little other than sell the parts that still work and leave the rest on a pile to rot for all eternity. This isn’t what you’d call the most eco-friendly approach and nor is it economical – chances are it’s YOU that will have to pay THEM to sort it all out for you.

As for us, we do things differently. Not only do we make sure that every last shred of the car is recycled in the best way possible, but we even come to where you are in Aylmerton and take it off your hands, free of charge. We get rid of the eyesore, we help with the paperwork and we even top it all off with a cash sum in your pocket. There are no fees, no hidden charges and no catches – we just like to make sure that those putting something back get a little bit of a reward for doing so!

Give us a call today on 01603 916 893 or 01508 499 348 and we’ll tell you more.


Scrap cars Aylmerton

Scrap cars Aylmerton