The village of North Burlingham is one of the series of quaint and traditional villages that make up the civil parish of Lynnwood and Burlingham. Located approximately 15 kilometres from the city of Norwich and the seaside haven of great Yarmouth, North Burlingham is perfectly positioned for city workers looking to make the best of traditional village life.  

With a history dating all the way back to the year 1190, it’s hardly surprising that North Burlingham is bursting with unique local charms and undeniably beautiful buildings. Now home to a permanent resident population of around 2,600, North Burlingham is also the place where cricketing brothers Eric, Geoff and Bill Edrich were all born. This probably will not mean a great deal to you if you aren’t a cricketing fan, but still – a valid claim to fame for the village of North Burlingham!

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