Situated just 10 miles from the heart of Norwich in the beautiful Broadland District, the village of Salle brings together the best of all worlds. Quick and easy access to cosmopolitan city life, along with the most stunning countryside and waterways of Norfolk right on its doorstep. Salle is also famed for its stunning medieval church, which is also one of the largest in the region.  Bursting with rich history and heritage, Salle is something of an undiscovered treasure that’s well worth exploring.

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we can think of at least four ways we outperform the competition. If you find yourself looking at a scrap car in Salle you’d like to get rid of, we guarantee you won’t be offered a better deal from any other recycling service in the region.

First of all, we simplify the process of getting rid of your vehicle in the first place. Whatever your location in Salle, we’ll travel to you and take your vehicle off your hands. We’re out and about day and night, so we’re more than happy to arrange a time and date that suits your schedule.

Secondly, we’re comprehensively committed to responsible car scrapping and recycling. We operate in accordance with all applicable UK and EU guidelines, meaning peace of mind from start to finish for every customer. Not only this, but we’ll even give you a hand with the paperwork, just to make sure the admin side of things is dealt with accordingly.

Next, we’re not in the habit of charging responsible motorists for doing the right thing. Unlike most, we offer our entire service package 100% free of charge. We’ve never charged our customers a single penny for any of our services and we never will. Even in the case of the most challenging vehicle collections and disposals, it’s all on us!

Last but not least, Take My Scrap Car is committed to paying a fair price for every vehicle we collect. Vehicle values are calculated on the day of collection in accordance with scrap values at the time, ensuring we pay the best possible price – every time. We’re all about rewarding responsible motorists doing the right thing, so you can count on Take My Scrap Car to make a fair offer for your vehicle.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply exploring the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.