Homes of distinction dot the landscape in and around West Barsham, which alongside North Barsham, East Barsham and Houghton St Giles forms the civil parish of Barsham.  Situated just 24 miles from the idyllic seaside town of Cromer, West Barsham is a beautifully rural village with a compact local population.  It’s also well connected with the county capital by train, making it a popular place for city workers who prefer a quieter and more relaxed pace of life out in the countryside.

To us, it’s the traditional charms of places like West Barsham that encapsulate how important it is to responsibly recycle end-of-life vehicles.  Putting as much as possible back into the system to reduce waste and combat pollution is essential, if we’re to keep the county beautiful. We’re passionate about Norfolk because it’s the county we call home, and we like to think we’re doing our ‘bit’ to support the cause.

The importance of responsible car scrapping and recycling in West Barsham is often overlooked, though really cannot be overstated.  Each year, estimates suggest that around 100,000 end-of-life vehicles never make it to the recycling facility.  What happens to them is something of a mystery, though amounts to a catastrophic waste of valuable resources.  The way we see it, the key to improving vehicle recycling standards lies in making it as straightforward as possible for people to do the right thing.

At Take My Scrap Car, we go the extra mile to make things as easy as possible for the benefit our customers.  We collect scrap vehicles of all shapes and sizes across West Barsham, offering collections and convenient times and dates to suit our customers’ schedules.  But what’s most important is the way in which the services we provide our 100% free of charge from start to finish.  We’ve never charged a penny for the West Barsham car scrapping and recycling services we offer – everything is on us from start to finish.

As an added bonus, we also guarantee a fair price paid for every scrap car we collect.  We base our quotations on scrap values on the day, ensuring the best possible deal for every customer. If you’d like to find out how much your end-of-life vehicle is worth of have any questions on how we get the job done, reach out to a member of the team at take my scrap car today.