Legend has it that West Runton is home to the somewhat dubious sounding Thee of Thieves – a mythical entity that’s become the focal point of any number of local legends and folk tales.  To take a stroll around the sleepy and picturesque village of West Runton, you wouldn’t know that it also once hosted a Sex Pistols concert on the now-demolished town pavilion. Positioned just a couple of miles from the Seaside Village of Cromer, West Runton serves up the best of the county’s countryside and coastal charms, all rolled up into one neat and desirable package.

At Take My Scrap Car, getting to know the locality and its people is the most enjoyable aspect of our work. As the name suggests, we’re a team of local car scrapping and recycling specialists, covering the county in its entirety with a unique car scrapping service. Why unique? Because unlike elsewhere, we put the customer first from start to finish. Think of anything costly or inconvenient associated with car scrapping and recycling and you can rest assured it doesn’t apply with TMSC!

While some charge well-meaning motorists for scrapping their vehicles, we do the exact opposite. Not only is our West Runton car scrapping and recycling service 100% free of charge, but also promise to pay a fair price for every vehicle we collect. As the prices we quote are based on the scrap values on the day, we won’t be undercut on price – our guarantee to you.

In addition, we don’t expect people with scrap cars to somehow bring them to us in person. Doing so could be costly or are completely impossible for most people, which is why we take care of the whole thing on our customers’ behalf. We pick up scratch cards and end of life vehicles from across West Runton, taking them away for responsible recycling – again, 100% free of charge. We’ll even lend a hand with the DVLA paperwork, to ensure you’re up to speed with the admin side of the whole thing.

What’s the catch? With TMSC., there isn’t one!  Too good to be true?  Not at all! Contact Take My Scrap Car anytime to discuss any aspect of car scrapping and recycling in more detail. We’re standing by to take your call.