Perfectly positioned within close proximity to the Norfolk coastline and just 28 miles from the city of Norwich, Wighton is a beautiful rural village that has it all. An impressive claim to fame, Wighton was once used as a shooting location for an episode of “The Avengers” in 1965, in which the local pub’s name was temporarily changed to “The Inebriated Gremlin”. Much of the local landscape in and around Wighton has remained untouched and unspoiled for generations, making for a beautiful place to call home with some of the most impressive homes of distinction in the region. Wighton has an estimated population of just 220 permanent residents, distributed across around 90 households.

Driving around Norfolk’s most beautiful rural and seaside villages while going about our business is an absolute pleasure. At Take My Scrap Car, we’re privileged to spend most of our time out and about in places like Wighton, getting to know the people of Norfolk and providing an invaluable service.

Responsible car scrapping and recycling is our specialty, making it easy and affordable to responsibly dispose of any type of scrap vehicle in Wighton. Simplifying and streamlining traditional car scrapping standards, we handle all aspects of the disposal process on behalf of the customers we work with. Most importantly, we do not charge a penny for any of the services we offer – no exceptions and no hidden costs under any circumstances.

Whatever your location in Wighton or the surrounding region, we’ll pay you a visit at a convenient time and date to suit your schedule. Irrespective of the age, condition and type of vehicle you need to get rid of, we’ll collect it from your address and transport it to an approved recycling centre. You’ll be provided with a formal certificate of destruction and we will help you tick the essential admin boxes with the DVLA.

As an added bonus, we always promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap car in Wighton we collect. Our quotations are based on scrap values on the day, so it doesn’t matter what kind of structural or mechanical condition your car is in at the time. Every penny of the quoted price will be paid directly into your account – no deductions whatsoever for the services we provide.

Call anytime to learn more, or complete the online form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.