The civil parish of Sedgeford is situated around 50 miles from Cambridge and just a stone’s throw from the Norfolk coastline. Predominantly an agricultural area today, much of the industry in and around Sedgeford is focused on the production of wheat, barley and sugar beet. Nevertheless, the area has become increasingly popular as a spring and summer tourist destination over recent years. Take one look at the beautiful village itself or the nearby coastline and it isn’t difficult to figure out why!

Here at Take My Scrap Car, our pride and passion for the county we call home is real. For many years now, we’ve been providing customers across Sedgeford and the rest of Norfolk with a totally new approach to car scrapping and recycling. We understand the idea of scrapping a car in Sedgeford is never going to be particularly exciting, but we went into business to at least make it a little more rewarding. When the time comes to get rid of a scrap vehicle of any kind, you simply will not find a better deal than we can offer you right here.

Every aspect of the scrapping and recycling process is handled by the team at Take My Scrap Car. Our drivers are out and about across the region on a 24/7 basis, collecting scrap vehicles and transporting them away for responsible recycling. Everything we do is offered 100% free of charge – not a penny to pay at any time under any circumstances. All you need to do is let us know where you are located and when would be a convenient time to pay you a visit. We’ll head your way, take your car off your hands and ensure it is recycled responsibly. We’ll lend a hand to ensure the DVLA admin side of things is addressed and we’ll even pay you a fair price for your vehicle.

We calculate vehicle values in accordance with scrap values on the day, enabling us to pay the best possible price for every Sedgeford scrap car. We’ll do our best to get your payment into your account the very same day – a far better deal than paying a scrap dealer for the privilege of taking your car off your hands. 

Discover a new standard in responsible Sedgeford car scrapping and recycling, with the experts at Take My Scrap Car. For more information or to arrange collection of your vehicle, reach out to a member of our customer support team today.