Located 11 miles to the south of Cromer and 15 miles north of Norwich, Tuttington is a small civil parish with a compact permanent population. Interestingly, the village was once home to a pub called ‘The Ship’, despite being nowhere near any significant waterways. Local historians therefore believe the pub may have actually originally been called ‘The Sheep’ and provided a place for local farmers and drovers to rest and socialise. In any case, The Sheep/Ship is no longer there, though the village as a whole is not without its amenities.

History lesson over for today, Take My Scrap Car is here to offer a lesson in responsible recycling. The importance of recycling everything we can in the most efficient way possible is no secret to most. Thought there are some things – like end-of-life vehicles – that haven’t always been easy to get rid of. Especially if looking to do so in a quick, painless and profitable way, car scrapping and recycling in Tuttington has typically been none of these things. 

This is why Take My Scrap Car went into business. We opened our doors to provide the people of Tuttington (and the rest of the county) with a quick and easy alternative to traditional car scrapping and recycling services. From start to finish, we take care of the entire process on behalf of our customers. We collect vehicles, we transport them and we ensure they’re recycled in the most responsible way possible. We also lend a hand with the DVLA admin side of things, which can be confusing at the best of times.

Most importantly, Take My Scrap Car is committed to offering the best possible price for every scrap car we collect in Tuttington. Our prices are calculated in accordance with scrap values on the day, so you’re unlikely to find a better deal anywhere else. If you do, give Take My Scrap Car a call and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

In any case, there are no hidden fees, commissions or deductions involved. Whatever price we quote you for your Tuttington scrap car, that’s the price you’ll receive – every penny of it. We’re out and about at most times of day and night, so just let us know when you need us and we’ll be there. Simple yet effective – exactly how all recycling services in Tuttington should be!