Out of sight, out of mind – six words that explain why the average glovebox is a cluttered and chaotic affair. Its contents don’t affect the apparent orderliness of your car’s interior, so why bother keeping it tidy?

Truth is, whether or not you keep your glovebox clean and tidy is entirely up to you.  By contrast, keeping a handful of automotive essentials within easy reach should be considered mandatory.

Rather than a dumping ground for all the random bits and pieces that would otherwise clutter your car, here are six everyday essentials every glovebox should contain:

  1. A Torch 

First up, you’ll be glad you carry a basic torch if your car decides to die on you at the worst possible time in pitch darkness. You may have a torch built into your phone, but still – why waste precious battery life when you’re stuck by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere? Keep a torch in your glovebox and it could prove to be an absolute lifesaver at the right time.

  1. A Basic Multitool 

Likewise, you never know when you may find yourself needing a screwdriver, a hex key, a sharp knife and so on.  Picking up a basic multitool and leaving it permanently in your glovebox is therefore the way to go.  It won’t take up a great deal of space and yet has the potential to be indispensable in a wide variety of scenarios.

  1. Copies of Documents 

Authorities in the UK aren’t generally in the habit of asking motorists to present their official papers and documents on demand. However, it’s always good to have quick and easy access to this kind of ID verification and documentation, just in case you need it.  Examples of which include a copy of your insurance certificate,  a copy of your driving licence itself and a copy of your car’s registration document.  You probably won’t need them, but you never know when you might.

  1. First Aid Kit

In most European countries, it’s mandatory to carry a basic first aid kit in your car at all times.  Something that really should have been brought into force in the UK by now, but hasn’t yet been. It’s technically optional to carry first aid supplies, but is nonetheless the ultimate no-brainer when out and about on the roads.  They cost next to nothing and take a little to no room – feel free to toss it in the boot if there’s limited space in your glovebox.

  1. Hand Sanitiser and Cleaning Wipes 

Absolutely essential in the era of all-things COVID-19, as it’s not always convenient or possible to access soap and running water. After visiting a petrol station, shop, takeaway or anywhere else, getting into the habit of giving your hands a thorough clean is essential. Giving your cockpit a good wipe while you’re at it is also never a bad idea. 

  1. A Powerbank 

Last but not least, your mobile phone probably has everything you need to get yourself out of a difficult situation on the roads. That is, as long as it’s got the battery power needed to perform its functions.  This is precisely where a decent powerbank can be worth its weight in gold, ensuring you won’t be out of look even if your phone is out of battery life.

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