On average, it takes learner drivers approximately 40 to 45 hours behind the wheel to get their hands on their licence. But this average figure is somewhat misleading, as each and every driver tuition experience is completely different.

Just as some are nowhere near ready for their tests after 100 hours of driving, others are as safe and competent as any other motorist after just 10.  

Hence, you cannot really put a precise (or even a rough) figure on how much driver tuition you will need, before getting started. You’ll find out in due course, as you put yourself to the test in a practical setting. 

Standard Driver Tuition Vs. Intensive Training

One of the biggest decisions all learner drivers have to make is that of choosing between standard driver tuition and an intensive driving course.  Depending on who you ask, you’ll encounter diametrically opposed opinions of which is best.

Some say that there is nothing that can compare with an extensive course of traditional driving lessons, conducted over the course of several weeks or months.  Elsewhere, others say that the best way to learn how to drive is to cram as many lessons as possible into a short course. 

In truth, to label either of the options ‘better’ than the other is to miss the mark entirely. Both can produce equally safe and responsible motorists, and can represent equally good value for money.

Some say that nervous learners are better with standard driver tuition, which eases newcomers into life as a motorist on a more gradual basis. Meanwhile, those who have at least some experience behind the wheel could be better with an intensive course, given that they may have already covered the basics.

Of course, if time is a factor and you simply need to get your hands on your licence as quickly as possible, an intensive driving course could be the way to go.

A Question of Affordability

As for why it is that the vast majority of learners choose standard driving courses, it is almost always a matter of affordability.

With conventional driving lessons, you will almost always have the option of paying on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Or at least, paying for a few lessons at a time, in affordable instalments.

Those who take intensive driver training courses, by contrast, have to pay for the whole thing up front. Depending on the type of course you take (and the number of tests you need before you pass), this could mean coming up with as much as £2,000 in a single lump sum. 

This alone is one of the main reasons the vast majority of learners choose the more conventional of the two options. 

Ask the Experts…

If in doubt, the best approach is to consult with your preferred driver training provider, before making up your mind.  Organise an obligation-free consultation to discuss the options available, and they will make their recommendation based on your confidence, your driver experience to date (if applicable) and your budget.

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