If you know Take My Scrap car, you’ll know that nothing pleases us more than tales of tired-old cars and other vehicles being made into something special.  The way we see it, the only thing better than recycling is reuse – thus foregoing the requirement for recycling in the first place!

These days, it isn’t rare to hear of plucky and resourceful types from all over the world building all manner of contraptions from scrap car parts. Nevertheless, when we picked up on a Brazilian car fan who’d apparently built his very own Ferraris from scrap metal…well, we figured we’d better check it out!

The chap in question was and is twenty-three-year-old Geovane Felix Ramos Santos, who set about building not just any Ferrari, but a replica of the extraordinary Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. Like most of us, it’s not as if he was ever going to be able to afford a real one, so figured he’d build his own. And he did, starting in October last year and spending less than £1,500 on the whole thing.

As for the results he managed to come up with, see for yourself in the image below:

Admittedly, it could definitely qualify as something of a ‘rough’ take on the original. But given the fact that his own version cost about the same as a 1994 Ford Fiesta to build, it’s an impressive enough achievement to say the least.  Plus there’s the fact that snigger all you like, can you honestly say you could do a better job?

You might not want to, but still…a worthy effort on all fronts!

“I am very passionate about Ferraris. I created this cute Ferrari for exhibiting, not driving every day,” said the enthusiastic motorbike mechanic.

He seemed to make it clear to local reporters that he wasn’t taking the whole thing too seriously and didn’t expect anyone to confuse his DIY Ferrari with the real thing. In any case, he’s once again done a fantastic job proving that there’s life in scrap metal and car parts – just as long as you have enough imagination!


Sadly, the one thing we most certainly cannot do here at Take My Scrap Caris take your scrap car off your hands and transform it into a Ferrari. Even a relatively remedial Ferrari like this Brazilian replica, we’re not in the habit of repurposing vehicles full stop. Instead, we simply offer the most accessible, flexible and rewarding approach to car scrapping in Norfolk and the surrounding area.

When there’s an old car cramping your style that you’d like to get rid of, simply get in touch with the team and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll pay you a visit at a convenient time, take your car away and pay you the best possible price in accordance with scrap values at the time.

So for more information or to discuss organising a collection, get in touch with the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.