Ambitious proposals to reduce the number of polluting cars on UK roads are nothing new. In fact, car scrappage schemes have become the norm for most major car brands. Likewise, local and national government offices have been rolling out their own initiatives to tackle carbon emissions. 

One of the first scrappage schemes introduced offered drivers a full £2,000 off the price of a new car. By trading up to something more eco-friendly, sizeable savings were on the cards. It was quite a successful scheme too – more than 400,000 are estimated to have made use of it. 

Up in Scotland, however, a somewhat radical car scrappage scheme has been suggested. One that breaks from the norm in a big way. Outlined in a report commissioned by the Scottish Government, the proposal would offer drivers the opportunity to trade ‘up’ to an electric bike. 

A Radical Initiative 

The suggestion came from a former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. According to Professor Campbell Gemmell, there’s no reason why car scrappage schemes should limit those taking part to everyday motor vehicles. If they wish to do so – perhaps if they already have a second car at home – why not give them the option of swapping their car for a bike?

It’s not just electric bikes he has in mind, either. He also stated that car scrappage schemes can and should be extended to include public transport season tickets, car sharing scheme membership and so on. 

Trading up to a cleaner car would remain an option, but it wouldn’t be the only option for drivers looking to do the right thing. 

If all that wasn’t enough, his suggestions – published in ‘Cleaner Air for Scotland Strategy’ – stated that major road building in Scotland should cease permanently within five years. He believes a better future for Scotland lies in prioritising cycle paths, walking routes and public transport quality. 

The Ongoing Battle 

You’d be right to think this particular car scrapping scheme was a little far-fetched. For the time-being at least, it’s hard to see a cars-for-bikes scrappage scheme gaining any real traction. But at the same time, it’s radical ideas like these that are needed to bring about real change.

All efforts to tackle air pollution in the UK are both welcome and having a positive impact. Nevertheless, it simply isn’t enough. Cars by the thousand are bring traded-up to cleaner models, but motor vehicles are still the primary source of air pollution in the UK. Hence, some believe the only solution is to reduce the number of cars on the roads – not simply boost their efficiency. 

In any case, it’s likely to be some time before we see motorists hanging up their driving gloves en-masse and calling it a day. Even with all the incentives in the world, most simply can’t afford to trade up…or stop driving altogether. 

Take My Scrap Car…

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