A Word on Minor Vehicle Repairs and Touch-Ups

It’s estimated that every year in the UK, approximately 200,000 RTA related casualties are reported to the police.  This equates to more than 530 per day, which is a pretty astonishing figure for such a small country.

But what’s even more remarkable is the way in which this doesn’t include any of the smaller prangs and […]

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Can You Drive a SORN Car to a Scrapyard?

By far one of the most common conundrums motorists struggle with is that of how to transport a SORN car to its final resting place. There’s no shortage of scrapyard sand recycling facilities out there, but how to transport a vehicle that’s have been declared SORN?

Is there any allowance for driving a SORN car to […]

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Driving – Just Like Riding a Bike?

Most motorists would argue that driving is (in the proverbial sense) just like riding a bike. As in, once you learn how to do it, you never forget.

But here’s the thing – prolonged periods away from the wheel can apparently instil quite a few unfortunate habits. Something confirmed in a recent study carried out by […]

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Take My Scrap Car: Responsible Car Scrapping and Recycling in Challenging Times

With lockdown having seen life as we know it put on hold practically overnight, a return to normality as we once knew it seems a distant dream.  As it stands, lockdown restrictions are being eased to such an extent that everyday life is once again hitting its stride. It’s just that in post-COVID-19 Britain, people […]

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Providing Proof of Identity When Scrapping a Car

At Take My Scrap Car, we’re often quizzed on the necessity to provide proof of ID when scrapping a car. Given how you’re sending your old vehicle away to be destroyed, why do you need ID?

More importantly, is it possible to scrap a car if you do not have an approved form of ID to […]

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5 Common Driving Myths Not to Buy Into

Most drivers like to think they are relatively up to speed with the most important rules of the road.  However, evidence would suggest that a surprising proportion of motorists aren’t quite as clued-up as they think they are.

To illustrate the point, here’s a brief rundown of five common driving myths you might have bought into, […]

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Can I Scrap a Car Without Insurance?

At Take My Scrap Car, we’re often approached by concerned customers with uninsured end-of-life vehicles. Whether your insurance recently expired or you’re looking to scrap a car that hasn’t been insured for years, you’re still looking at the same conundrum:

How do you get a car without insurance to a scrapyard?

If you plan to drive your […]

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This is How Your Car Insurance is Calculated

Ever found yourself scratching your head and wondering why your car insurance is so expensive?  Or perhaps, why your spouse or someone else in your family pays way less than you for the same coverage?

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of motor insurance providers don’t discriminate on a random basis.  Instead, they discriminate heavily […]

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Six Things Every Glovebox Should Contain

Out of sight, out of mind – six words that explain why the average glovebox is a cluttered and chaotic affair. Its contents don’t affect the apparent orderliness of your car’s interior, so why bother keeping it tidy?

Truth is, whether or not you keep your glovebox clean and tidy is entirely up to you.  By […]

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Looking to Scrap a Motorbike?

On the surface, logic would tell you that scrapping and recycling a motorbike should be easier than disposing of an old car. In reality, this simply isn’t the case at all. 

End-of-life motorcycles need to be scrapped and recycled just as responsibly and efficiency as cars. Nevertheless, the actual process of scrapping a motorbike isn’t necessarily […]

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